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The Justin Caviar Show

Jul 8, 2021

The Justin Caviar Show is the weekly podcast for you to plug into if you’re looking to scale and grow in your health, wealth, life and entrepreneurship. By taking a deep dive into various fields Justin - with his elite professional and world class guests - reveals ways to increase your human optimization. This podcast is specifically designed to show you what is possible and to help you become your very own superhero.  

Today on the show Justin is with Jim Morris. Jim became one of baseball's oldest rookies in 1999 at age 35 when he signed with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. A high school science teacher and baseball coach who had formerly played in the minor leagues, Jim stunned the Devil Rays' talent scouts with his 98-mile-per-hour fastball and captured baseball fans' imaginations with his story. His made-for-Hollywood tale became a major motion picture, The Rookie, starring Dennis Quaid, in 2002. He recently launched his book, Dream Makers, Surround Yourself with the Best to Be Your Best.

In this episode of The Justin Caviar Show your will hear: 

  • How sports played a big role in Jim’s life as a kid
  • Jim’s incredible journey from high school teacher to 35-year-old rookie 
  • The most important lesson that Jim learned from his grandparents
  • His personal struggles with addiction and Parkinson’s disease, and how he persevered through all of it.
  • The power of keeping good people around you so that you keep making the right choices
  • The inspiration behind Jim’s book ‘Dream Makers’

As you can tell this uplifting show deconstructs the intellectual insights of elite professionals in their specific fields, finding what makes the biggest difference, so that listeners can implement various electrifying tactics of self-experiment to create astonishing outcomes. 

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