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The Justin Caviar Show

Jul 29, 2021

The Justin Caviar Show is the weekly podcast for you to plug into if you’re looking to scale and grow in your health, wealth, life and entrepreneurship. By taking a deep dive into various fields Justin - with his elite professional and world class guests - reveals ways to increase your human optimization. This podcast is specifically designed to show you what is possible and to help you become your very own superhero.  

Today on the show Justin is with Brandon Dawson. Brandon is a scaling and turnaround expert, business leadership mentor and serial entrepreneur whose mission is to help business owners, their families, and their teams achieve their personal, professional and financial goals through the growth of their business.

Brandon founded his first business at the age of 26 and was one of the youngest people to ring the bell on the American Stock Exchange. With zero debt and no outside capital, he founded and self-funded Audigy Group, ultimately growing annual revenue to over $35 million through organic growth. He exited the company at 77X EBITDA for $151 million. He’s achieved numerous awards in business, and his companies have been recognized on the Inc. 500 and Inc. 5,000 Fastest-Growing Companies list five times.

Today, Brandon coaches Cardone Ventures’ clients on how to use his proven leadership and business strategies as the foundation for strategic growth so that they can follow in his footsteps and create their own legacies.

In this episode of The Justin Caviar Show your will hear: 

How Brandon became a self-made entrepreneur

  • Why small businesses fail 
  • Letting go of your ego as a leader
  • Traits to look for when hiring 
  • Why metrics and KPIs are important 
  • The greatest lesson Brandon learned from Grant Cardone

As you can tell this uplifting show deconstructs the intellectual insights of elite professionals in their specific fields, finding what makes the biggest difference, so that listeners can implement various electrifying tactics of self-experiment to create astonishing outcomes. 

For more information on what you heard on today’s show CLICK HERE now for more details. 

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