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The Justin Caviar Show

Aug 26, 2021

The Justin Caviar Show is the weekly podcast for you to plug into if you’re looking to scale and grow in your health, wealth, life and entrepreneurship. By taking a deep dive into various fields Justin - with his elite professional and world class guests - reveals ways to increase your human optimization. This podcast is specifically designed to show you what is possible and to help you become your very own superhero.  

Today on the show Justin is with Desy Gato, a social media influencer, model, entrepreneur and podcast host. Desy had just begun her career in Real Estate at 18 years old when she picked up freelance modelling as a side hustle. She now has 1.2 million Instagram followers, a modelling empire, a full-blown Real Estate career and has now also started a podcast in the beginning of the quarantine - House of Desy. She has a blog dedicated to all things Disney called Desy’s Disney Adventure Blog. 

In this episode of The Justin Caviar Show your will hear: 

  • How Desy started as an influencer
  • Desy’s advice on how to grow your followers
  • Perks of being an influencer
  • Desy’s different business ventures
  • How to think big and achieve success
  • How to juggle the different roles of owning a small business

As you can tell this uplifting show deconstructs the intellectual insights of elite professionals in their specific fields, finding what makes the biggest difference, so that listeners can implement various electrifying tactics of self-experiment to create astonishing outcomes. 

For more information on what you heard on today’s show CLICK HERE now for more details. 

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